Do you really need to detox?

Detoxing! Around this time of year more and more people embark on to their new year “detox” trying to rid the body of all the supposedly toxins they gathered up over Christmas.

I have so many issues with this train of thought, but *deep breaths* let’s take it step by step and really understand what’s going on here and get some solid knowledge on this odd practice.

What do people mean by detoxing?

“Detoxification or detoxication (detox for short) is the physiological or medicinal removal of toxic substances from a living organism, including the human body, which is mainly carried out by the liver.”

The bold makes it painfully obvious, but this is a process carried out by the liver and it does this on a daily basis. It takes up toxic substances and converts them into harmless substances or aids in making sure they’re expelled from the body. SOOO if your liver wasn’t able to do this then you would have some SERIOUS medical conditions or you would be dead…….. and I doubt your aloe vera drinks will help you with that.

Essentially all these “detox” products are a scam! Don’t be a slave to propaganda!


Alcohol slave,Alcoholism


Why people do them?

It tends to be after a heavy weekend of drinking, period of time high in food (generally bad quality/junk food) or when people just feel fat. But surely the best detox for these problems would be

  • Drink less
  • Eat less rubbish
  • Be more active

This is the bit that really gets me and that’s what are people actually doing for their “detox”!! Usually it consists of spending a bunch of money you could of saved, on a juicer, aloe vera products, books, pills, herbal remedies of some sort etc…. the list goes on and on and onnnnnnnn. And advocates you don’t eat anything apart from fruit and vegetables.

This causes a drastic drop in calorie intake, with no protein you will probably lose lean tissue (muscle) over your detox period, fat will be near enough zero (which is responsible for hormone function, essential for growth development and cell functions among others). And you will most definitely be hungry and probably feel pretty sh*t and you won’t be fighting off any Orcs like Frodo and Sam and second breakfasts!




Yes you will lose weight! BUT so would you eating one milky way a day! Which are essentially how many calories you’re having, and guess what after that diet all that weights going back on as your normal habits haven’t changed!

What do I suggest for all these struggles?!

  • Yes eat loads more veggies.. they’re awesome!
  • Implement a structured and thought out calorie deficit program
  • Exercise and be more active – gym, running, climbing, sport, do something!
  • Drink less alcohol if that’s your issue
  • Drink enough water!
  • Spend the money you would have spent on some silly juicer towards something you really want!

From Will, that guy who eats his veggies and doesn’t think aloe vera will save him!

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