Foods to Eat Loads vs Foods to Eat Less

Five Foods t0 “Fill yer boots” with

Berries – Frozen berries offer a cheap way to add sweetness and micro-nutrients to many meal choices – a quick blast in the microwave and the addition of some stevia or honey makes for a nice compote on porridge.

Turkey Breast mince – An awesome way to add variety to your meals with some turkey burgers or kebab Koftes. Being both high in protein and low in fat, it provides and ideal way to get your daily protein intake in without adding too many calories.

Roast Veg – A tray of roast veg made up of bell peppers, onions, leeks, butternut squash and similar is a sure-fire way to fill you up, add fibre and more micro-nutrients to your diet for minimal calories.

Low-fat Yogurt – Ideal to have as a snack through the day. Add whey protein to bring the protein content up, yogurt is naturally high in casein a slow digesting protein that will make you feel fuller for longer. It’s low fat so the calories are down, just make sure you’re going O’naturale otherwise it could be laden with sugar.

Carbs – It’s an open title but carbs should never be cut out of your diet even when trying to lose fat. If you work hard on the bike you need carbohydrate to help fuel performance and recovery. Carbohydrate can be quite volumous (like rice and pasta) filling you up easily and are only 4kcal per gram whereas fat is 9kcal per gram. So as long as you’re still in a deficit make sure you’re still powering your performance.




Five foods “To consider”

Alcohol – Everyone loves a good drink, and so do I! But as the wine flows your inhibitions begin to drop, the alcohol increases the levels of Ghrelin making you feel hungrier and the combination of both may lead to you consuming way more than just the couple of glasses.

Fruit Juice – Juicing and fruit juice are both tasty and yes nutritious but don’t offer much in the way of fulfilment and satiety especially when compared the eating an actual apple and carrot with the process of having to bite, chew and the fibre will be much more filling.

Sauces, condiments and sugar – It can be easily done adding several hundred calories to you day through a few dollops of mayo and a few sugars in your teas and coffees. Be wise and go for lighter options or without to save yourself from easy over consumption.

Full fat dairy – Full fat cheese, yogurt and normal butter all are massively high in calories and should be used sparingly or understand a large intake may mean having less earlier on or later that day. Try grating it to add volume and ability to get flavour without not enjoying your favourite cheese (not sure that’s one for the old Brie though haha).

Cooking Oils – Cooking with oil especially in excess can be an easy way to add un-warranted calories. Measure how much oil you actually use so you can account for it, maybe try wetting some kitchen roll and wiping the pan or opt for a low kcal spray oil.

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