Staying “Bike Fit” Whilst You’re Away

Time away can be daunting when training is important to you-whether it’s because you’re racing, taking part in a sportive or just wanting to keep up your bike fitness.

It’s not the end of the world though, as there are plenty of chances to keep yourself progressing even when away from your beloved bike:


  • Local gyms –check out a local gym as most have a bike or spin class you can use and they offer a reasonable rate.


  • Crosstraining –This is a great chance to make the most of this and incorporate some running or swimming and use them to push yourself aerobically and anaerobically without the need of equipment.


  • Peaking – This is the principal of reaching the highest point in your training of maximal performance and then to taper off. This would normally include rest days which you could incorporate into your time off. Hit that peak before going away and then use that time off to fully relax.


  • Core & Flexibility – Easy to neglect these in favour of bike work but can be a huge factor in your riding. Core/trunk work is the basis of stability and posture on the bike and mobility enabling muscles to stay supple; enhance recovery and reduce risk of injury. Doing some pilates/body pump classes can be a great chance to work on these.

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