Improving your Sleep



Is what you can find yourself saying when you can’t sleep or continuous waking in the night.

BUT you’re not alone! Problems sleeping is a really common thing and I have lots and lots of people ask me about it, why do they have it and how can they can change it?

Having trouble sleeping, whether it’s drifting off or broken sleep can be really frustrating and upsetting, so I thought I should create a list to help you through these horrid times!

Here is the list of quick easy things you can do that can help;

  • Avoid blue lights an 1-2 hours prior to sleep! Blue lights are things like electrical devices (computers, phones, TVs) if you use them late at night due to shift work or other reasons install on you device.

WHY? Blue lights on whilst asleep with prevent disruption with blue light prevent REM sleep, ever randomly woken up with the TV on? Yep that’s all due to it being on and causing cortisol (stress hormone) to keep increasing till you wake up)

  • Avoid low GI/complex carbohydrates late at night which can disrupt the entry of deep sleep and production of growth hormone aiding in recovery


Sweet Potatoes

  • Getting your environment just right for sleep sounds simple but making sure background noise, heat and lighting won’t disrupt or prevent deep sleep is important.
  • White noise, ocean or forest sounds etc. Have been proven to help block other thoughts and distractions and create an easier path to sleep
  • The temperature of the room should be cool, this usually means open windows or specific lightweight bed-clothes and minimal clothing to ensure airflow
  • Black out curtains mean that when summer comes and that sun is rising at 4-5am you won’t be getting up way before you’ve fully rested.

The Suns light naturally causes the body to wake up which is why in summer you find yourself getting up earlier than usual.

  • Taking ZMA an hour prior to sleep enables the CNS to be depressed and allows you to enter REM sleep quicker
  • Tulsi tea with its cortisol reducing effects with aid in deep sleep entry.



  • Magnesium baths once per week can be very relaxing in the evening and are ideal at the end of a very stressful week to improve relaxation

Do them one by one and see which one works best for you!

If it’s still not working why not drop me an email or a facebook message and I will take some time to chat with you about what might help you.

From Will, the guy who  sleeps like Snorlax


Get PRIMAL, Be Happy!

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