July (Seasonal Food)

BOOM!! DAMN!!! It’s good to be back guys!! Has an unreal adventure cycling 945miles in 19 days from Santander, Spain to Roscoff, France via Pamplona and the Pyranees Mts!! But enough of that!! I will be putting all my amazing happenings and stories in the “Wandering Warriors” section!

What a way to start my first article back though, the sun beaming through my windows and my garden just growing away, with my veg getting as big as Jack’s beanstalk!! And with all this beautiful summer sun comes all this gorgeous and bountiful produce! One of my favourite things in paticular is in season now too BEETROOT!! So be on the look out for my future recipe with this! It’s going to be a goody!

Some nice blackberries just around the corner from me!

And what a list I have for you this month!!! It’s an EPIC list!! I look and smile as I think PWOARRRR!!! The cooking possibilties!


Artichoke,                                                      french beans
asparagus,                                                      iceburg lettuce
aubergine,                                                      jersey royal new potatoes
beetroot,                                                        mangetout
broad beans,                                                  onions
broccoli,                                                        peas
cauliflower,                                                   radishes,
celery,                                                           potatoes (maincrop)
carrots,                                                          rhubarb
cos lettuce,                                                    rocket
courgettes,                                                     runner beans
cucumber,                                                     spring onions
fennel,                                                           spinach
savoy cabbage,                                              turnips
sorrel                                                             and watercress


Apricots,                                                       blackberries,
apples,                                                           blueberries,
bramley                                                         cherries, 
gooseberries,                                                 kiwi fruit,
lemons,                                                          melons,
peaches,                                                         raspberries,
redcurrants,                                                   strawberries
nectarines                                                      and tomatoes


Wood Pigeon

Fish & Shellfish

Cockles,                                                           herring,
cod,                                                                  john dory,
coley,                                                               lemon sole,
conger eel,                                                       lobster,
crab,                                                                 mackerel,
dab,                                                                  monkfish,
dover sole,                                                       plaice,
grey mullet,                                                     pollack,
haddock,                                                          prawns,
halibut,                                                            salmon,
sardines,                                                          scallops,
sea bass,                                                          shrimp,
sea bream,                                                       squid
sea trout,                                                         and whitebait

BOOM!!! HUGE!!! But hey! I’m going to highlight the ones that are paticularly good this time of year! Now that may sound confusing but as you read this list many of these ingredients have been in previous months lists! This is because foods will be in season for a few months! So from now on I will only be posting the Seasonal Highlights on the months seasonal food otherwise I will be repeating myself way too much!

If you see any othe above highlighted that you would really love a recipe for pop onto my facebook and tell me so!!!

Get PRIMAL, Be Happy!!

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