Learn to Affirm



1. the act or an instance of affirming; state of being affirmed.

2.the assertion that somethingexistsoristrue.

3.something that is affirmed: a statement or proposition that is declared to be true.

4.confirmation or ratification of the truth or validity of a prior judgement, decision, etc.

I wanted to open this post with the description of what I want to talk about today, “Self-affirmation” the process of confirming to yourself that what is said is declared to be true.


Sometimes it’s easy to find yourself being lost and not know your direction in what you want to do, achieve, be and this can be so stressful can leave you feeling confused and even possibly upset. So I checked out this cool book I was recommended “How to have a big life” – Rupert Mckerron.

“Like a genie, your subconscious will deliver whatever it is asked regardless of the consequences.” – Rupert McKerron

So I started reading this book and even after a few days of doing what it suggested I suddenly started to find my feet again, and began walking on the path I had originally set out on! And this made me wonder how many people are actually out there, aimlessly living life day by day, lost and not sure what to do, not by choice possibly, but just because they don’t know how to create direction, and all they’re needing is to be guided towards that “Yellow brick road” and to find themselves again!


I thought I would love to help all of you guys with this too! This website is after all about living a happier, more primal life, about sharing with you the things I do, and have found through my process of adventure and self discovery!

So let’s start with the first step I’ve taken and you can take it too! As the beginning suggest this is all about Self-affirmation!

Affirmation is the movement of thoughts from negative town (Unhappy thoughts, ideas, harsh experiences) to positive city! (Happy thoughts, ideas, fun experiences). It’s the re-programming of your mind – sub-conscious to be more accurate – to change negatives into positives.

You see if you constantly tell yourself “I’m fat!”, “I’m a failure” your sub-conscious will recognise this and will do it’s damnedest to make it a reality!

So what if we swap it around and instead of “I’m fat!” you started saying “I’m SEXY!” Ha! And instead of “I’m a failure” you say “I’m SUCCESSFUL!!” and slowly you will override those old beliefs with new positives ones, not only that you will start to believe these statements, and they will start becoming a reality!

You need to challenge those negative beliefs and start to stem the flow of negative thoughts and words that seek to validate them. Affirmations are more than just repeating words. It is a whole process of becoming aware of your thoughts and words in everyday life, choosing to think and project happy positive thoughts. The more you can consciously inject the spirit of you affirmations into your daily thoughts and words, the quicker they will work for you.

It’s about 2 weeks ago now I started doing mine, and each morning and I practically shout them to world, they make me smile and instantly happier, I then chant them in the car on the way to work, repeating them to myself, ingraining them into my sub-conscious,and BOOM! It’s working, my attitude, my training, my work, even the way I view things is changing! And suddenly more doors are opening and my yellow brick road is brighter than ever, so I’m sure I won’t be losing my way any time soon!


“Is this the right path?”

So this obviously begs the question “How can I do this!?”

Start by taking some time to think about areas in your life you would like to improve and how you might want your life to be. Take your time though, you want them to be powerful, and the things you want most!
Now look at each item on the list and write out a few positive statements for each. They must be positive and in the present tense, focus on what you do want!

Some examples could be;

  • I am Happy
  • I am successful
  • I am confident
  • I am strong
  • I am committed to my goals

Make sure the phrase doesn’t have any negatives in it otherwise your sub-conscious won’t hear it! For example if you said “I’m not stupid!” your sub-conscious would only hear “I’m stupid!” Your instructions must be CLEAR!!!

Make sure you don’t whisper them too shout them out really tell yourself that you’re AMAZING! and you will begin to believe!

From Will, the guy who tells himself how awesome he is every morning in the car to work!

Get PRIMAL, Be Happy!


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