May (Seasonal Food)

BOOM!! It’s May people all the blossoms are out, the flowers and popping there heads out and the birds are tweeting away!! And with a new month new food comes into season and other food goes out of season, such is the will of the world! This is a start of a new on going blog post where the first week of every month I will bring you, my epic friends on this primal journey of mine the best food recipes each seasonal month has to offer!! WOOP! Awesome right?

But what is seasonal food and why am I do this many of you may be asking? Well one of my earliest posts was about seasonal food but I want to talk more about it!

Seasonal food is obviously the food that comes in season every month as the climate changes! That’s the easy part to explain, but why do I want to cook and eat seasonally? Well my friends that’s the best question!

We now live in a world of abundance! A world full of amazing technology! Which has lead us to be able to eat every produce available all year round, which yes has it’s benefits but let’s take a few moments to really discuss it.

I mean first off food in season just tastes better! FACT! Let’s take the tomato for instance, as anyone who has tried to grow tomatoes will know it’s not easy! They need good rich soil and strong sunlight, so those juicy amazing tasting tomatoes you sometimes have have had the perfect balance! Whereas compare to those other “fresh” tomatoes that are planted in an artificial building, grown out of season in air conditioning taste of well, nothing, just water with a crunch! Let’s take an animal version, say intensively farmed fish, available all year round, but only dew to the fact that they are grown with artificial light, and drugged to the max, so it’s easy to think that the quality of this fish compared to a fresh wild fish, caught in season, that’s been allowed to grown naturally tastes just that much better!

BOOM! So it tastes better one reason to eat more seasonally!

Secondly, think about these chemicals that are being pumped into the soil or animals to produce “forced” growth what do you think those chemicals could be doing to you? Well it’s been well documented that such chemicals can range from poor child health, to male infertility! Ha! I know that perked some of you guys up! But also it reduces pollution, improves land quality and also provides healthier, more nutrient dense food!!

SHAZZAMM! So it even gives you higher micro nutrient density, which means better health, less chemicals going in you that deteriorate health and your healing the land!

Lastly there is COST!!! Do you think all these artificially grown produce needing more heating, air-con, chemicals and facilities or are being flown in from say Africa and by the time they reach you are no longer fresh? Is this produce going to be cheaper than one that’s grown in season? No they cost more! Next time you go shopping go take a look at say the cost of some Brussel sprouts or leeks that are out o season right now! Pretty expensive right, and now look at the cost of radishes or rocket it should be on a “deal” or reduced. I mean go back a month or so Lamb was in season remember how many lambs legs where in your supermarket all 1/2 price due to them being in season? I do as I bought loads!!

KAPOW!! So it’s also cheaper!

Let’s summarise then! So eating seasonally is cheaper, better for the land, local community, and environment, has a higher micro-nutrient density which makes it healthier for you and finally just tastes so much damn better!!

I think the question to ask yourself now is why aren’t you eating seasonally?

Now you have the reasons all I need to do is tell you what’s in season and you can go to your local farmers market and get it truly fresh and in season!!


New Potatoes
Spring Onions
Rhubarb (My favourite :P)

New Season of Lamb *drools* roast lamb oh my!

Fish and Seafood:

Over this week Tuesday to Tuesday everyday I will give you an amazing seasonal recipe to try and have mouthwateringly good, nutritious food that is also quick and easy to prepare!!

Eat PRIMAL, Be Happy!!

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