Mobility.. Are you moving?

Be free of the rigid constraints of the world! Break loose of those shackles that tied you to your office and car chair! Move, rotate, flex, extend explode, crouch! All these things should come as easily to you as they did when you were at the meagre age of five!


Ahhh do you remember those days when you had no aches and pains, when you waltz the playground like you were the “don” but now your life is filled with “oooooo my back” and other grumblings.

Well the only thing that’s really drastically changed is that you sit more and move less. You work at your desk; commute home usually done sitting and then sit at home! No wonder everything aches.

“If you left your bike sitting for several months it would squeak a bit and need a good oiling over”

This is just a post trying to show you the benefits of why you should stretch but then at the end to show you what things YOU can do in your everyday life to help prevent all these complaints you have!

The benefits of stretching;

  • Decreases muscle stiffness and increases range of motion. Stretching helps improve your range of motion which may also slow the degeneration of the joints.


  • Can reduce your risk of injury. A flexible muscle is less likely to become injured from a slightly extensive movement. By increasing the range of motion in a particular joint through stretching, you may decrease the resistance on your muscles during various activities.


  • Helps relieve post-exercise aches and pains. There is a reason as to why we are trained to stretch before and after exercise. Not only does stretching warm the body but it does wonders for recovery and may just prevent the dreaded DOMS (delayed onset of muscular soreness).


  • Improves posture. Stretching the muscles of the lower back, shoulders and chest will help keep your back in better alignment and improve your posture.


  • Helps reduce or manage stress. Well stretched muscles hold less tension and therefore, leave you feeling less stressed.


  • Reduces muscular tension and enhances muscular relaxation. Habitually tense muscles tend to cut off their own circulation resulting in a lack of oxygen and essential nutrients.


  • Improves mechanical efficiency and overall functional performance. Since a flexible joint requires less energy to move through a wider range of motion, a flexible body improves overall performance by creating more energy-efficient movements.


  • Promotes circulation. Stretching increases blood supply to the muscles and joints which allow for greater nutrient transportation and improves the circulation of blood through the entire body.


  • Decreases the risk of low-back pain. Flexibility in the hamstrings, hip flexors and muscles attached to the pelvis relieves stress on the lumbar spine which in turn reduces the risk of low-back pain.

BOOM!!! That’s a EPIC list!!!

Some people fine it hard even to get this low due to tightness and back issues!!

“Stretching has a calming effect: As the muscles contract and lengthen, the physical body relaxes which then translates to a more relaxed and calm emotional state”

This is something I saw and have since transferred into my life to relax and feel better in my body, but also take time out from the world so I just plug some music in and chill out to some stretching

Here’s a little insight into a lot of what I do;

Release work
Limber 11
Ido Squat routine
Upper Body Release
Roll Downs x 3
Yoga brick in belly
Yoga brick on thoracic spine
Cat/Cow x6 breath on each
Ankle Mobility
Roator Cuff stretchs


From Will, the super bendy dino hunter

Get PRIMAL, Be Happy!

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