My Journey

My Journey

I don’t often write about myself on here but I thought it was time to let you know a bit more about me.

As you can see I was a pretty fat kid and with those photos being taken when I was 14 and weighed in at nearly 15 stone at the time. I was obese for my age, I got bullied a lot too as you can imagine, and those things at that age stick with you.

One day- like a light bulb- I decided to change and I started going to the gym at 14!

And what a journey I’ve been on-and and still continues!

At 15 I sometimes made myself throw up when I hated myself and ate something I didn’t like and still got bullied for a while, but you know what- I kept going to the gym.

I’ve stayed consistent at training in my life for over 10 years- never once falling off the “band-waggon”. I’ve trained and trained, I found a love for it and decided I wanted to pursue it as a career at 18.

Through training I’ve found dedication, mental focus, self discipline, the power to control my body, to be flexible, to be more active then I ever thought!

I got myself silly lean. I’ve cycled whole countries, smacked bull’s asses and competed in strongman, everyday bettering myself to a new goal using my knowledge of nutrition and training to help get me there.

I don’t have a chef’s qualification, I never went to university and I don’t have an A level in English literature but now I’m a sports nutritionist working with four world level athletes and starting an MSc in Sports Nutrition. I write for nationwide published magazines and I’ve had my cooking videos on one of the most famous chefs ever – Jamie Oliver’s YouTube channel.

I believe that if you work hard towards whatever goal you have you will eventually achieve it!

If you feel you need help with your nutrition or training drop me a message more than happy to help

My Journey

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