BBQ Bacon Burger

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH EPIC FU*#ING BURGERS!!! Recently I’ve been surrounded by people eating gloriously big yeti sized burgers! And all I’ve been thinking.. nay dreaming about are such burgers!
My eyes filled with hopes and dreams I ventured into my fridge, as if it were Narnia itself! Though I didn’t have to delve far as the ingredients to make these burgers of such an epic proportion are pretty easy to come across! It’s just how you combine it all to make them so BOOM!

What I try to emphasize a lot in my recipes is that this right here, THIS over indulgent looking burger is actually perfectly fine to have in normal persons every day diet, whatever the goal! This particular burger is only 600kcals which would be the same for an average meal and that’s with TWO patties reduce it by one and you’ve got 150kcals out and with a side of fresh veg or salad and you’re one happy person!
It’s homemade, It’s go no additives or preservatives, it’s high in protein great sources of fats and most of its tastes the BOMB!!




  • 250g Mince for two patties, 125g for one.
  • 2 smoked pancetta bacon slices (normal bacon works too this stuff is just mega!)
  • 1 slice applewood cheese (it’s smoked cheese and paprika once again all cheese would work)
  • Bun
  • Bit of Spinach
  • Homemade BBQ Sauce – 2tbsp ketchup, 1tbsp Worchester sauce, ½ smoked paprika

SHAPE mince into patties and season with spices, salt, pepper

FRY patties on a medium heat till golden on the outside

GRILL bacon till crispy


*TIP* SLICE your bap in half, butter and grill butter side up- this stops your bread getting soggy and makes it go an epic level of crispiness

MIX up bbq sauce


TOWER your burger up doing it layer by layer boshing in the cheese, bbq sauce and spinach where you want


OH MY GOD!!! *Tears swell* It……. It’s Beautiful!!! Deep smoky flavours rising up from the burger practically charm your mouth open and welcome the burger straight in!

You take a bite and let the party start! It just oozes flavour, with melted cheese blending with crispy bacon and deeply aromatic bbq sauce its bliss in a bite!!

“Dieting is so hard!” – Said no person who cooks ever!

From Will, the guy who has epic burger time!

Get PRIMAL, Be Happy!