Breakfast Power Smoothie

Food in the morning needs to be quick! You want to get up get ready and just grab that meal and go! Which means you end up grabbing whatever you can piece of fruit, slice of bread, or maybe just a coffee! Sadly something so little will quickly have your concentraction deminishing and you feel quite lack lustered!

So I wanted to make just a quick, awesome power smoothie you can bung in the blender, whizz, pour and go! BOOM

“Sometimes it’s just about ease and speed but that doesn’t mean you should sacrifice taste” – Primal Will

This smoothie has all the important nutrients one needs to function well without it being an overload on calories! I chose to use casein as is slower digesting so will help you feel fuller for longer though whey works just as well if you don’t have it.


BOSH it all in a blender

BLEND till smooth


Gorgeous, fresh, invigorating breakfast smoothie that will give you the power and energy to get you through your morning! I love this so much as once you’ve weighed it out once you can pretty much guesstimate the propotions and just slam it in the blender!

You can even put everything in the blender except for the froazen berries pop it in the fridge so when morning comes all you need to do is whack in the berries and go!

Enjoy this awesome breakfast!

From Will, the guy who loves to sing as he cooks

Get PRIMAL, Be Happy!


  • 150g Frozen Berries
  • 100g Total 0%
  • 100ml “Koko” coconut milk (or your milk of choice add more or less if you want it thicker or thinner)
  • 30g Casein protein or Whey
  • 30g Almond or Peanut butter
  • 10g Chia Seeds
  • Flavouring (optional as you may have flavoured protein powder already)