Chicken Burger

Sometimes you don't need to create something completely new to get something fresh, exciting and tasty into your diet!

Here I've taken another recipe my cracklin' chicken

Added some homemade bbq sauce, bit of rocket and slapped it between a lovely crusty bun and BOOM you've taken what you've had before and made it into something new and it tastes AMAZING!



Ingredients burger;

Skin on Chicken thigh
Salt & Pepper
Bun or chosen bread if gluten free

Ingredients for BBQ sauce

2tbsp Ketchup
1tbsp Worcester Sauce
2tsp Olive oil
1tsp wholegrain mustard & Smoked Paprika
1 clove garlic

SEASON chicken
FRY chicken skin side down till golden and crispy
TURN and cook through
COMBINE all BBQ sauce ingredients into a bowl stir thoroughly
SLICE bread & lather with sauce and salad
FILL with chicken thigh

AMAZING! Crispy, tender and succulent chicken thigh, with the subtle notes of the bbq sauce and fresh salad make this so good you won’t believe you made it!

Get PRIMAL, Be Happy