Cracklin’ Chicken

Sizzling, crunchy, cripsy chicken, devoured, enjoyed, satisfaction……. The only thing that could give you all that is todays cracklin’ chicken!! Minimal ingredients and time! Perfect to have any time of the day and to be had in anyway! On a salad, in a bun, with rice or veg it’s an all rounder!!!

Another part to showing you how you can still make the stable meat “Chicken” interesting!
I used Chicken thighs with the bone in on this recipe as they’re just that much cheaper than their counterpart bone out versions, it dones’t take two secs to cut those bones out either! BOOM Money in the bank £££!



  • Skin on Chicken Thigh
  • Salt & Pepper
  • 5-10g Butter or oil

DRY your thighs
CUT out the bone with scissors or a knife -without cutting through the thigh-
FLATTEN the thigh so it’s thin with a meat mallet or rolling pin


SEASON non skin side
FRY skin side down on a medium heat pan for around 6-10mins or till golden
FLIP and cook for another 2mins



So damn easy! What 15mins total and that’s if your slow!

“I love it when a plan comes together” – A Team
Crispy, succulent, golden chicken that arouses your tastebuds! A bite transports you to a world of calmness where only awesomeness exists!
Enjoy this one guys!
From Will, that guy who had cracklin’ chicken for breakfast

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