Feta Cheese, Dill and Walnut stuffed Chicken Breast

YESSSSSSSSS!!!! Is what you will be screaming when you here about what todays recipe is! It’s honestly a creation of the gods! Zeus the almighties favourite meal, Athenas lunch time moresel, this is too good to miss!

Succulent chicken breast stuffed with a creamy feta cheese and dill paste, chunks of walnut and then wrapped up in the soft and tenderness of prosciutto di parma ham! Ohhhh damn hold up I need to grab my bib! Chicken is a staple in everyones diet so it’s important to make sure you creating awesome flavour and variety wherever you can! Why just grill it when you can stuff it full of EPICNESS!

This recipe is as easy as mix, stuff, wrap, bake!



  • Chicken Breast
  • Feta Cheese (enough to stuff and cover all the chicken)
  • Dill
  • 1tsp Fresh lime juice
  • Small handful walnuts
  • Parma ham

SET oven to 180C fan assisted

CHOP your dill up finely and you nuts coarsely

MIX your dill, nuts and feta cheese together to make a paste

ADD the lime juice – You only want a small amout enough to taste but not make it bitter.


SLICE chicken breast down the side and STUFF with paste – not all of it though


TOP with remaining paste

WRAP with parma ham

BAKE for 20-25mins


OH MY GOD! Wow just wow immediately you smell the waftings of warm, succulent flavours as you open the oven. Crispy parma ham on the outside is cut through to give way to a warm, creamy center! You take a bite and just sit back in your chair and enjoy the ride! Smooth, tender chicken fills your mouth with hints of the grassy dill and soft feta. The walnuts adding a much welcomed crunch and it’s all finished off with the slight zing of lime!


EASY to make GORGEOUS to eat!

From Will, the guy who should tape his mouth up while cooking so he doesn’t eat everything before its cooked

Get PRIMAL, Be Happy!