Flavoured Water

How to make WATER go POW

Yes, you can have it just from the tap and plain... Yes I agree it's still refreshing BUT why have it plain when you can have it EPIC!

Easy to make, no waste, no added sugar just awesomeness



Here are a bunch of different ones you can try that maybe you haven’t thought of:

Sliced Strawberries

Peeled Cucumber

Chopped Celery

Crushed Grapes

Citrus Zest – I like this one as it still gets the flaovurs of say said lime but without all the acidity which if stored in plastic bottle can actually cause it to wear away at it releasing carcinogens into the water as well as destroying enamel if sipped throughout the day

Scrunched Mint Leaves

Pomegranate Seeds

BOOM! All these are easy amazing and can be used over quite a few times before you eating the used ingredient!

Would love to know what other ones you guys use to so why not lay the smackdown in the comment box!

From Will, that guy who’s water tastes the BOMB

Get PRIMAL, Be Happy