Mint Lamb Kebabs

BOOM! Epicness has arisen from the depths of your fridges!
With it getting hotter and hotter this can only mean one thing! BBQ time is coming! So I thought I would create something exceptional not only in taste but also in ease for you to make and cook either under your grill or on the bbq!

Lamb is probably one of my favourite meats you can get! It's a tender, oh so succulent meat that can be prepared in so many ways and its SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good when grilled!
Nobody will be wondering where little “Bo Peep” lost her sheep this summer! Ha oh dear!
Even more so this month with a new season of spring lamb coming it means there should be deals for lamb going on all over the shop! Meaning you’re making savings as well as awesome food!
So as you may have guessed today we’re taking some simple lamb steaks and creating some gorgeous kebabs!



  • Lamb steaks
  • Assorted Veg – I used bell pepper, red onion and tomatoes
  • Yogurt
  • 1 tbsp lemon juice
  • Generous handful of mint leaves
  • Salt

CUT your leg steaks into bite size chunks

CHOP mint


BOSH all your ingredients except veg into a bowl and mix thoroughly

LEAVE to marinade for at least one hour or up to twelve – the longer you leave it the better


CHOP veg

SKEWER veg and meat and grill/BBQ around 3-4mins each side


Gorgeous, crispy, tender and succulent you really can’t go wrong! The marinade keeping the lamb so soft and full of flavour with these slight hints of minty aromas being released as you devour your kebab! Perfect for kids as for some reason eating something off a stick always seems so much cooler as well as loads of brightly coloured veg!

Marinade it up on Friday night or Saturday and have your EPIC bbq the next day enjoying the sun while wowing friends with your great eats!

From Will, the guy who may or may not have burnt his finger on his kebab skewer

Get PRIMAL, Be Happy!