It's becoming more and more apprent in recent times for kids to be eating healthy food! But this can become a problem and some parents are struggling with combating all the fast food chains and easily available mass produced sweets! My answer to this is to make homemade, awesome tasting food thats easy to make but doesn't give off that "OH NO! It's healthy food!" vibe, some kids have developed!

Though don't be mistaken these little pops of chicken are great for any adult that's wanting something a bit different to boring old grilled chicken! They're delectable little morsels over flow with some gorgeous flavours! Super easy to make and perfect to make in a big batch and save for later!
So let's get makin' & bakin'!!!



  • 2 Chicken Breasts
  • 1 tin Coconut milk (or enough to cover and soak)
  • Choice of spices- Cayenne pepper and smoked paprika
  • Coconut flour (enough to cover)
  • Ignore the egg I didn’t need it in the end but it decided to photo bomb!

CUT your chicken in to small bitesize pieces
MASSAGE the spices into the chicken
-I went for a nice smokey spicy concoction but it’s up to you I reckon a nice Asian mix would work awesome too.


COVER with coconut milk and just pop it in the fridge for at least an hour but for best flavour leave over night!

SET the oven to 180 degrees fan assisted
SPRINKLE coconut flour and some of the same spices you used before on a plate and then piece by piece just roll the chicken in the flour!


PLACE them on a baking tray
BANG them in the oven for about 20 mins or till they’re nicely brown and crispy and just Ooooo!
SERVE, add a side dip for extra OOMPH! My BBQ marinade works awesome for this!

Dip and Bite! That’s a real POP! of flavour there! the crispy outside giving way to a super tender beautifully roast chicken inside, the BBQ marinade and the sly undertone of spiciness making you want to just shout out loud!!! Great snack, or serve with a salad and have for dinner BOOM!

From Will. that guy who still trys to get away with kids food

Get PRIMAL, Be Happy!