Speedy Burgers

Literally in the spur of the moment I decided I wanted a burger to take for my lunch and only had 10 minutes to make it (and sneek this photo in) and get to work!

This is a common dilemma in everyday life when needing to weigh time available with priorities and food sometimes and usually takes the back seat and a tesco's club sandwich will make do... Well!!! Take a look at this beauty! Made so quickly you could call it fast food!

I made it straight from the mince meat's packet to pan.... no bowl, no faffing just cooking!



  • Mince
  • Salt & Pepper
  • Spices – if wanted
  • 2 slice bread/toast
  • Sour cream (mine was with chive)
  • Spinach

TAKE half of your mince from the packt and “smush” it into a pattie in your hands

FRY in a medium hot pan with melted butter or oil in

SEASON in the pan with salt, pepper and spices

FLIP and fry other side

SLAM it between two slices of bread

TOP with spinach and sour cream


I kept mine slightly rare as thats how I like my burgers and steaks.
Crunchy bread breaks away and reveals a crisp outer and velvet inner that oozes flavour and awesomeness!

SO GOOD infact that your collegues will soon be plotting to tie you up and forcing you to witness the stealing of your beloved burger! Save the precious… *cough*……. One Burger to rule them all, and in the darkness bind them! HAHA!

Be awesome with this amazing quick easy lunch time burger!

From Will, the guy who knows wayyy to much about lord of the rings!

Get PRIMAL, Be Happy!