Stuffed Bell Pepper

There is something always more appealing about having similar foods done differently! Just like this recipe for example, you could quite easily just have all the ingredients chopped and put in a pan BUT cook it inside the pepper and WOAH minds are blown, mouths are watering! This just shows how powerful the visual appearance can be with it making it so much more appetising.

A whole meal stuffed into a little holder making it easily portable and trapping in all those tongue tantalising flavours.

The more and more I cook I find what I really want is food you can cook quickly, gets more than one serving out of but most of all carries well. Something you can take to work or just on a day out and tastes just as amazing as it did when you pulled it out the oven all hot and sizzling. Food that despite being cold wows and captivates not only your eyes and taste buds but also those of the people around you!
And this one really does that, simple yet different and basic yet tasty!



  • 3-4 Bell Peppers
  • 250g Mince
  • Basil – Small handful
  • ½ Red Onion
  • 40g Feta Cheese
  • Olive Oil

SET oven to 180C fan assisted

CHOP the top off the peppers and turn cut side down on a baking tray

BAKE for 10mins

FRY red onions for 3mins or till nearly golden

ADD mince and chopped basil cook for a further 3mins – Do not fully cook this is just speed up how long it takes to cook –


CHOP feta up into small chunks

TAKE the peppers out and FILL with your mince mixture and a drizzle of olive oil

BAKE for another 10mins


Soft yet still juicy bell pepper get’s bitten into and reveals a succulent and juicy Italian infused inner that makes you feel like you might as well be sitting on your veranda overlooking the ever rolling grassy fields of northern Italy and finished off with the creamy feta that just makes you feel all happy inside

Enjoy it how you like and serve with veg or a salad possibly even have it on its own as a fast nutritious snack.

From Will, the guy who day dreams way too much

Get PRIMAL, Be Happy