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Principles of Fat loss

FAT LOSS! Around 99% of the people hitting the gym or exercising are in it to drop some fat, loosen their belts, jump without jiggle, and run Baywatch style without looking like a shar pei!

The principle is simple- it mainly just comes down to eating right and being more active which should be straightforward if you’re a normal healthy person.


shar pei


So why is it so hard?!

Well I strongly believe it’s because there is such a high level of misinformation out there! With newspapers and 100s of books suggesting 5:2 diet or “no sugar diet” or paleo, Cambridge, dukan, rubbish after rubbish, all suggesting new magical ways to eat that pretty much all involve buying various forms of their products food, gadget, book related, or in the 5:2 diets case tells you just not to eat two times a week which will obviously work…. BECAUSE YOU DON’T EAT TWO TIMES A WEEK!!!

But ultimately all these diets follow the same principle – Calorie deficit

This leads on to my next point regarding the fact that none of them tackle the real issue of just understanding basic principles of how you should go about things, so I’m going to put down some tips and some things you could potentially incorporate into your lifestyle to see some changes.

  1. Understand where you are – pretty basic but by knowing what weight, measurement, body fat % you are you can then get an idea where you need to be and know if you’re progressing.
  1. Hydrate – Principle of fat loss is hydrolysis – a reaction that requires water- if you’re not hydrated you won’t use as much fat, and that’s just the beginning of its awesomeness, skin, energy levels, cognitive function so much is controlled by water, so drink up (some recommendations at the bottom)
  1. Eat a rainbow – Eat loads of vegetables and some fruit, creating a rainbow of colours to ensure you have great fibre content and high levels of micro nutrients. Your plate and your stomach will feel a lot fuller than just if you just ate some iceberg lettuce.
  1. Eat protein, fat and carbs – each meal should contain all of these macro nutrients, with protein metabolising and satiating, low GI carbs providing energy and keeping blood sugar level steady. All this whilst still allowing fat oxidation and fat keeping hormones and nervous system working to name just a few. Nothing in extreme- always things in moderation. Read THIS for more
  1. Start working out – When just starting out just be more active get out doing something, a sport, walking, gym or even energetic housework! It’s only when you start to struggle to lose more fat you might have to think more about this but the main thing is to do something you enjoy! The number of people I talk to that tell me they’re running to burn fat but hate running so it’s not enjoyable so after a while they will stop.
  1. Do it steadily – Don’t just drop your calories down to 500 a day eating an apple and a chicken breast a day or juicing (which is a load of crap by the way, read THIS for more). If you drop to 500 Kcals a day and start smashing the gym 5 times a week you will lose weight yes, but what happens when you stop losing? Do you start going 7 days a week; doing two sessions a day, eating 200 Kcals a day? NO do it bit by bit don’t even reduce calories to start with just start exercising that in itself will cause a deficit and help you drop fat.
  1. Take a food diary – If you start to struggle just keep doing what you’re doing for another 5 days write it all down see what you’re having, maybe you will notice some things you could cut out, or add more veg in, do you still have protein at every meal, are you having some carbs and fat still.
  1. If things still aren’t working – It’s more effort but weigh all your food and input it into a calorie tracker, see how much you’re actually eating, if you’re already training 3 times a week maybe train 1 more day, if you can’t drop your calories by 100 see if your weight drops.


My recommendations – A few tips that I feel really help in this area;

Protein – 2g per kg/bw

Fat – 1g per kg/ bw

Carbs – make up the rest of your calories

Do HIT training and resistance (weights) training

Drink around 2L water a day depending on bodyweight and activity levels

HERE is a free Results Tracker to help you on your way!

Also feel free to drop me a question happy to help!

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