Salt, Sweat and Electrolytes

With the warmer weather picking up now and you heading out in your summer kit, you’re inevitably going to be sweating a lot more! Replacement of fluid is important but replacing electrolytes is just as crucial.

Over-hydrating with water without electrolytes or being severely dehydrated are equally as dangerous and can lead to hyponatremia which is a dangerous place to be.



Electrolytes are the minerals we lose through sweating and help with muscle contraction and fluid balance in addition to other vital functions. The main electrolyte we lose in exercise is Sodium.


Salty Sweater?

Some individuals can be particularly salty sweaters and may need 1000mg of sodium per bottle to maintain electrolyte balance.  Considering most commercial electrolyte tabs only provide 300mg a serving you can easily see why you might still be getting issues.

If you’re getting any of the above symptoms or notice you have a particularly salty face or large salt lines on your jersey there is a good chance you may be needing more.

Try upping the dosage and see how you feel or if you’re still being  caught out while on the road give this quick lifesaver a go.

There are services by some companies like “Precision Hydration” that do a sweat test that quickly analyses how much salt you lose in your sweat and what kind of sweater you are and I’m sure it’s not the woolly variety.


Emergency electrolyte carb drink

This nifty little concoction is something you can make at any café, pub or eatery – the sugar improves water uptake as will the salt but this is primarily replacing your important electrolytes. And the citrus is to help prevent dry mouth and add some flavour

Ingredients for 1 bottle

  • 1-2g salt
  • 15g table sugar (3 level teaspoons)
  • Citrus Juice

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