The facts behind a juice detox

Sometimes it’s quite easy to think something can be a quick fix to solve all your problems

Jucing is being used and celebrated as such, this is very similar to steroids and these both have some side effects that you may not be wanting!

You’ve fallen of the band waggon and gained loads of weight, or maybe it’s just been a weekend of over indulgence, whatever the reason seems to be people are reaching for their wallets and spending £200+ on a juicing machine to save them from all their worries of weight gain! This is in conjuction with using “juicing” as a way to replace meals, “join the fad”, detox, cure a bad weekend of binge eating or appalling alcohol consumption……. a more approriate term for how people are using it is “get out of jail card”!




Well I want to write this article today to show you what you’re not told about Juicing and let you know the pros as well as those cons, so you can make a truly informed and educated decision!

The Benefits;

  • Quick easy way to get a large amount of micro-nutrients (Vitamins & Minerals)
  • Tasty

Wow I really had to make space for all those benefits…….. 😐

Ok so let’s look at the Cons;

If you take part and follow a juicing plan you will probably be looking for two things weight loss and a detox let’s debunk some of this then!

  • Juicing diets will be massively low in calories which doubles up and will also mean your nutritional intake despite all those extra mirco nutrients will be sorely lacking others like..
  • Protein!! Even with a bit of protein powder added these diets are just failing ot meet daily requirements of protein, which will cause you to lose muscle rather than fat, this will also cause your metabolic rate to reduce meaning you will end up getting fatter. You will also end up feeling weaker, more hungry and could potentially cause some other issues if prolonged.
  • Carbs…. ooooo the danger word, while carbohydrates shouldn’t be shunned (read here for more) a juice diet is pretty much only made up of them! With your only dietry intake coming from fruit and veg you will be having an over abundance of a varitey of sugars and will be living soley of these which really isn’t ideal for fat loss or for health. Because you will just be having carbs as well you blood sugar levels will be constantly spiking and crashing, resulting in you potentially feeling awful, tired and with headaches.
  • Fat also typically low in this to! The main nutrient needed to keep your hormones and nervous system healthy
  • Fibre, this is the one that makes me laugh the most, by juicing you actually take out all the good natural fibre, which is going to contribute to bowel issues
  • You will be HUNGRY
  • Detox, funnily enough your body has things set in place to “detox” your blood already and you probably don’t need one, if you do then a “juice diet” isn’t what you need but something a bit more substantial and controlled.
  • Cost oh and you will have to buy some stupidly, absurdly overpriced bit of equipment as well as a book, plan or app to go along with it


Honestly you can do without it in your life, buying a juice or having a smoothie addition to your diet is more than enough to aid in your daily micro-nutrient requirements but the extremeness of a juice only diet is never needed.

I really feel that you’re  definietly better off just eating a good, wholesome diet with lots of veggies, protein and fat with that assisted with exercising regularly rather than trying to get a quick fix that will most likely make you feel awful and gain weight when you start eating again.

It’s all about the long game, realistic, achievable, life changes that will stick!

Why not save yourself a few hundred quid and just buy vegetables and eat them….. normally or does eating steamed greens seem to far fetched to be good for you?

Or if you want to spend that much on a machine why not just buy organic food which will most definitely have more nutrients not only in the veg but also in the meat!

Some food for thought!

Will that guy who manages to eat his vegetables without spending £200+ on a juice machine

Get Primal, Be Happy.


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