Training while Travelling – Free Program

As many of you may have seen on my Facebook  I was recently travelling around Japan! And what an awesome country it was, but with all travelling and holidays sometimes you don’t have the facilities or means to be able to get to a gym yet training is still important!

Now I’m not going to say don’t enjoy your holiday but I feel it’s important to keep activity levels high, and still train your body for health and any goal you’re chasing! I think this is more important if  your trip is sitting by the pool kind of trip as we all love to eat and you can get to eat more without worrying if you train still.. WINNNNNNNNN!!


What I’ve done is just create a really simple program they’re all body weight exercises that require no gym! Now some moves may be a little advanced and if that’s the case regress them and make them easier i.e squat jump to just squat, pull ups to invert rows or negative pull ups.

A1Jump Squat155X,X,X,XN-AComplete with no rest
B1Press ups155X,X,X,XN-A
C1High Knees155X,X,X,XN-A
D1Pull Ups155X,X,X,XN-A
A1Hill/Sprints20sec8X,X,X,XWalk distance backFirst 2 sets do at 70% to ensure fully warm
A1Star Jumps30sec5X,X,X,XN-AComplete with no rest will last 12.5mins
C1Shadow Boxing30sec5X,X,X,XN-A
C2Mountain Climbers30sec5X,X,X,XN-A
C3Fast Skipping30sec5X,X,X,XN-A

3 workouts a week should be ample but if you want to do another add an extra sprint session or a long run if that’s what you like and if you’re stuck for ideas drop me a message on here or on my Facebook and get in touch always happy to help!


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