I have been in the industry for over 10 years now and been working as a sports nutritionist since 2014 working with amateur athletes all the way to professionals and world competitors, including the professional cycling team ONE Pro Cycling.

Myself and the team here constantly strive to better and improve ourselves, so we can provide the best quality in our coaching. My passion for nutrition comes not only from my qualifications from the ISSN and my MSc but also from cooking. Having cooked on Jamie Oliver’s renown YouTube cooking channel but also writing for many nationwide magazines providing recipes backed by science.

On a personal level I have competed in Strongman and Completed ultra-distance rides across Europe, taught cooking workshops with ProteinPOW and Adidas, I’m a Regular columnist in Cycling Plus magazine and written for other nationwide magazines such as Men’s Fitness, Outdoor Fitness, Gluten Free Heaven and I’ve recently ventured into modelling.