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We know what it takes to compete at the highest levels. We’ve worked with the world’s best in several disciplines competing in the Tour de France, world heavyweight boxing, Commonwealth Games and Ironman Kona. We’re here to help you achieve. Our programme will get you in the condition you need to be to compete. Not only that, we’ll support you the whole way before, during and after the event.

The Elite Athlete Method.

Bespoke, comprehensive and reesults focussed  nutrition support programmes.

01. Plan

We look into your season, race or fight schedule in combination with your goals so we know what we need to be achieving and by when.

Creating our timeline to setting up the right plan for you.

03. Perform

Here we focus on the process of making your elite sports nutrition work for your race, game or fight into a repeatable habit.

Making you feel confident in what you’re doing, why and that it works!

02. Practice

Focusing on body composition and health optimisation alongside guidance to facilitate your training schedule so you can still improve and work hard.

Working alongside your coaches we’re able to work to the greatest detail.

04. Produce

Finally this enables you to produce the results you want.

With a program that’s planned, practiced means you can confidently know you’re in the best shape you can be.

"Transitioning from middle distance to iron distance triathlons, I struggled with stomach cramps and energy depletion during runs. Will's guidance has transformed my fueling approach, allowing me to overcome nervousness and improve performance. In my first race under his guidance, the Hever Castle Gauntlet, a strategic nutrition plan helped me feel great and achieve one of my strongest runs. This year, with ongoing practice, including preparation for my first Ironman, Will has significantly improved my fueling effectiveness and overall results."


"Started with Will and Liam in June/July 23 trying to shift 3kg to drop from what appeared to be a stubborn 78kg. As a cyclist power to weight is everything. By October I’d lost the best part of 6kg. No dieting, no fads, never hungry, my training was fuelled and the weight fell off."

Steve Howe
Private Client

"I can't express enough how positive my experience was with Will Girling. The team gave me the knowledge and confidence to keep applying the principles they taught, which has been a game changer in my training. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to gain a deep understanding of the importance of nutrition in training and to achieve their weight and performance goals. A heartfelt thank you to Will and his team for their incredible support and guidance!"

Stefan Twerdochlib
Private Client

"Been working with Will on and off for over a year. The proof is in the proverbial pudding... When I amon program, I race lean and fast, my weight goes down and performance goes up! Will really understands your needs and goals and so pleased to have the chance to work with him on a coaching but also professional level with our team of over 100 athletes."

Raya Hubbell
3rd European Aqua Bike/Ironman Argentina

"U cannot recommend working with Will and his team enough. The team gave me exactly what I needed - the education and support to become well informed about performance nutrition and to unlock a healthy, sustainable and thoughtful process for managing weight and nutrition to support my day to day life and performance goals as a cyclist"

Neil Dunn
Private Client

"Working with Will and his team has allowed me to achieve great results and become a better cycling athlete, losing 14kg without compromise in power and performance."

Janosch Bösche
Private Client


Within elite athlete, our team collaborates closely with each athlete and their support team to ensure they receive the best care possible. We take great pride in offering a discreet, premium service, hence we keep our caseload small and well-managed.

For a comprehensive understanding of our tailored approach, please contact us directly.