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Our highly qualified and experienced team support high performing individuals, companies and organisations across the UK, Europe, Middle-East and USA.

The Team.

With over 40 years combined experience across academia and professional practice, our close-knit team includes a hybrid of specialist nutritionists, physiologists and creative chefs. 

The Pro Team

Will Girling MSc

With over a decade in the industry and a sports nutritionist since 2014, I’ve fuelled everyone from amateurs to pros, including EF Pro Cycling, Olympic competitors, and Tour de France riders.

Passionate about nutrition, holding a post-graduate Diploma in sport and Exercise Nutrition, an MSc, and currently pursuing a Doctorate. Beyond the academic, Will has cooked on Jamie Oliver’s YouTube channel, appeared on National TV, radio, magazines and newspapers. He’s competed in Strongman and ultra-distance rides. And has taught cooking with alongside various companies such as Adidas, is a Cycling Plus columnist, and featured on Channel 4’s “Food Unwrapped,”.

Liam Howells MSc

A member of the Sport and Exercise Nutritionist Register (SENr), Liam has his MSc at Leeds Beckett University and holds a Diploma in Performance Nutrition and a BSc in Sport, Fitness, and Coaching.

Formerly a Personal Trainer for a decade, Liam excelled in shaping amateur athletes. Committed to continuous learning, he attends cutting-edge seminars and webinars. Building relationships, Liam customizes nutrition plans for professionals and serious amateurs, focusing on lasting changes for long-term success.

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