Debunking Myths with Nutritionist Will Girling

For this week, we have a chat with Mr Will Girling. Will is a Performance Nutritionist who has worked with a variety of world-class athletes and in this episode we look to debunk a few popular myths that linger in the world of cycling. You can find more about Will at and you can catch him on Instagram @willgirling

In this chat:

– We learn about Will’s background and how he came into the sport, including detail on an absolutely horrendous injury that he suffered in a crash last year.

– We discuss the age old classic in cycling circles: the fasted ride, including an exploration of how Froome managed his weight on the way to winning last year’s Giro d’Italia.

– Vegans and vegetarians of the world: what we need to be careful of as riders if pursuing these diets.

– The supplements and vitamins that are important for endurance athletes including an interesting one that you may not have heard of in the context of cycling…

– The power of nitrates for cyclists and how you can get ‘em inside you.

– How we can all embrace the power of placebo and finally – Will’s one super cheap, super undervalued super food that you need to start getting more of.

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