Pro Cycling Nutrition & Cooking

In this episode, host Jordan Addison was joined by two absolute gentlemen for this episode, EF Pro Cycling team chef Owen Blandy (@chefowenblandy) and EF Pro Cycling team nutritionist Will Girling (@willgirling) to talk all things food, and cooking in the pro peloton and on the world tour. This one is packed full of insight, information and plenty of amazing stories from the world tour. We find out their path to the jobs and what their days look like, get stuck into some great listener questions and just end up having a really enjoyable episode – one we highly recommend you check out! As mentioned, the listener questions from you guys were fantastics and this is by far the most questions we’ve ever had submitted for a podcast, so listen out for your name if you sent a question in! We tried to cover as many as we could!!

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