Online coaching provides you with the knowledge and understanding you need in order to get results you want anywhere in the world.

Creating you bespoke, tailored nutrition created towards your goals, and that fits your lifestyle. If you’re athlete we design you nutrition to match your training program to ensure you’re performing and recovering the best you can while staying healthy!

I’m lucky enough to  work with people with a variety of goals, ranging from those who just wanting to get fit and lean, to athletes with some being at the UK, Europe and World level in their respective sport.

With continual online support and guidance, we can ensure you get the most out of your training and food so you can feel at ease knowing you’re in safe hands and just enjoy the ride.

But what does it all include?


Contract Length and Fee Per Month

3 Months – £150

6 Months – £140

Payments are made via a monthly standing order.

Price Per Week: £35

Contract Length and Fee Per Month

3 Months – £250

6 Months – £235

Payments are made via a monthly standing order.

Price Per Week: £58.75


Due an imbalanced lifestyle I put on lot of weight and I felt and was very unfit last year. Thanks to Will’s professional advice and training, not only I lost the weight but I also became fitter, stronger and so much healthier. Will took into account my lifestyle, my level of fitness and my aim to give me an individualised diet and exercise programme to reach my goal. He regularly tracked my progress and adapted my exercise programme accordingly. Will is a very professional trainer, he makes himself available to answer questions and he is a lot of fun to work with! He made me feel comfortable and he encouraged and pushed me beyond what I never thought I could achieve. I HIGHLY recommend Will! You’ll feel epic!!!


I always found it difficult to train on my own at the gym and also on how to eat well. Since I started training with Will, he has not only helped motivate me with my workouts but also written me several programs to help when training on my own. He has also helped me with my nutrition and educated me on what I should be eating. Will is more than just a trainer, he cares and makes a lot of time for his clients to answer any questions. He also taught me the importance of stretching which I never used to do and has made me feel much better. Will is a star and by training with him you will definately see results.


I’ve always struggled with my weight and although I’d exercise I never really enjoyed it and never saw results. When I met Will in addition to the above I was in a pretty dark place, low in self confidence and to be honest was pretty miserable. After a month of training with Will and following his nutritional guidance not only did I see results in my body my mood and outlook in life began to change. I became more confident and had a much more positive outlook on life and loved training with and without him. To this day I maintain this positive outlook on life, I constantly challenge my body; whether it be through boxing, cross fit, yoga, insanity or disco rave classes. His method of training has been life changing for me. Will’s motivation and PMA is addictive and infectious.

Tom S

Will has always been there for me with great advice for nutrition and workouts. He always has time for others and always puts in 110% effort to get the best out of you


Will has the knowledge to help you to achieve your fitness and nutrition goals. He is organised and attentive and always happy to answer any questions I have.

He made a nutritional plan that fits into my everyday life with some great Ideas for healthy, tasty meals I could try out. He also understands that life does not always run smoothly and is ready with suggestions to keep my progress going in the right direction.

Always ready with a smile and a dose of nutritional wisdom, Will’s a great choice if you’re looking to make a change to your body/life that you will actually maintain


I worked with Will for about 6 months. I was struggling with hypothyroidism and couldn’t shift 5kg I had put on since developing thyroid problems. WIll really helped me to get fit and feel a lot better, have more energy. I lost the 5kg and more and I have kept it off. I would whole heartedly recommend him as a nutritionist and personal trainer. Thanks Will

Liz G

I have seen numerous personal trainers over the years and have been seeing Will for over a year now and have never been happier. Unfortunately the other trainers I saw did not teach me how to care for my body and use proper form in workouts. Subsequently, I have suffered with numerous injuries and have been in rehabilitation off and on for the last 8 years.
Will stripped everything back and we worked on identifying where my weaknesses were and addressing those first. He has spoken to my osteopath and physiotherapist to ensure that his instructions mirror that of my rehab and has educated me on mobility and stretching to keep those injuries at bay. He always pushes me but instinctively knows when I am physically capable of doing an exercise or its aggravating an injury. If its the latter, he will always come up with new exercises to work around these challenges, therefore keeping the workouts new and exciting.
This combined with his ever growing knowledge of nutrition has turned my life around. I now feel full of energy and rarely get sick.
When you have suffered injuries that have seriously affected your quality of life, it hard to trust in someone new but I feel completely safe in his hands and am very pleased with the progress we have made so far.

Fiona O’Sullivan

Having been a member at the gym for several years it was really frustrating that – despite regular classes and workouts – I wasn’t losing any weight. I signed up with Will with the aim of losing weight, toning up and having guidance towards a healthy lifestyle.

From the very start Will was an excellent motivator and I knew I had made the right decision. The nutrition plan that Will put together for me was very much personalised with my lifestyle and goals in mind – and wasn’t too restrictive. Focusing on this I have been able to make changes to my eating that are sustainable and good habits rather than great sacrifices!

The weekly workouts with Will showed me a completely different approach to exercise and countered a lot of the misconceptions that I had about weight loss. Will planned bespoke workouts to suit my body type and has an excellent formula for ensuring rapid gains in toning up problem areas.

5 months after embarking on this journey I have lost 19 lbs and have gone down a dress size. Furthermore, I am at a stage now where I actually enjoy going to the gym! I would definitely recommend Will’s Personal Training.

Jo Van Der Plas

Will is a fantastic personal trainer who will help you to set goals, give you the knowledge you need and push you to achieve. Will has given me a love of fitness, which I never thought I’d have!! He has helped me to complete my first triathlon, which I loved so much I’ve signed up for a second. With Will’s support I have lost weight and changed my body shape, his positive attitude and support helped me get to get there. In short HE’S AWESOME!!


I can 100% recommend Will, he was my personal trainer for a 7month period when I got my place to run the London Marathon!
It had always been a goal of mine even though I was a ‘non runner’ Will literally had to start from from the beginning with me.
He put together a fantastic training & eating plan to start getting my body strong enough and build up my fitness ready for what long distance running needs.
Will was on hand to help me with all my Marathon needs. I hand lots of questions, and sometimes lacked confidence but he helped me through every stage of my 7month journey!
The result being I successfully ran the London Marathon in April 2014, and finished INJURY FREE due to all his amazing personal tips and pieces of advice,I did it!!
Doing the marathon was such a personal life achievement and I wouldn’t have wanted to share it with anyone else than Will!!

Simon Mazzullo

Will was my personal trainer for about a year prior to joining the staff at The Box Gym. We had a great time together meeting my goals and pushing me hard. He has great all round knowledge of training techniques, diet and rehab. Apart from his weakness for Cornish fudge I would recommend him without reservation.

Seriously Will assisted me with diet and nutrition program for myself, kept me on the straight and narrow for my training and gave me considerable amount of assistance writing a training program for judo coaches in PDR Laos, where I ran a judo coaching coach last year.

Great guy.


Wills all-round approach to training is what sets him apart from other personal trainers. As well as being focused on the goal, he provides a very informative and in-depth understanding of the session so you know exactly how your body is transforming. This kind of personal interest, coupled with the fact that Will really does care, means every penny is well spent.

Wills knowledge of nutrition has set the standard for me moving forward so that my training is assisted with a healthy, balanced diet. The workout programs and food plans designed by Will are catered to each individual as Will understands one size does not fit all.

If you’re looking for a trainer that puts you first then Will is the man.


A drunken decision one night ended up with a sign up for Tough Mudder. I am not in bad shape but by no means in good enough shape to attend such an event. Giving myself 3 months to get into shape I trained with Will. He was superb, he looked at my diet (which was terrible) and changed that straight away and Will managed to even convince me that eating chicken for breakfast was good which is no easy feet considering I preferred cereal and crumpets. Then he moved onto my workouts and pushed me harder than anyone has previously and I also at times got to work out with Will which was great experience to be able spot him on exercises and be able to ask questions that I wouldn’t normally be able to do if he was my PT. Will also worked on changing my attitude from a guy who would give up doing something when I felt tired to a guy who would only stop when I physically couldn’t do anymore. Will was in constant contact during the week when I was not seeing him and he always made himself available when I had questions. Will is a great guy and someone I am happy to call my friend. Needless to say I completed Tough Mudder and I have Will to thank for that. I cannot recommend him enough.


I thought I was doing fine at the gym. Then I had the Will experience! He pushed me to my limits at each session! His focus was not only on the exercise regime and what activity I would input myself during the week, but he also focused on treating my well being holistically in terms of diet, stress, sleep patterns etc.

I trained with Will for approximately 10 months. He set me up to continue achieving my goals realistically.

Bayu Satria

Will is incredible. So helpful and he motivates you to stay on course to reach your goals. I am feeling fitter and my energy levels are much better throughout the day.
My performances on match day have been much better and I can put that down to improved recovery throughout the week from intense training.
Also his recipes are immense.


Will is one of those exceptional characters that you would always want to work with. Highly motivated with the ability to blend his knowledge and experience in helping the people he works with to achieve their goals. His people skills are excellent in his role as both a coach and mentor. Will has a strong feel for all aspects of personal training and demonstrated a great natural intuition for understanding what was important to me. Will clearly builds relationships with ease. I have really enjoyed working with Will and cannot recommend him highly enough. A real pleasure to work with!


I’ve trained trained with Will for more than 6 months now. He is an excellent trainer, he takes the time to understand your strengths, weakness, injuries and goals. He makes sure each session pushes you to the limit.

He is a great source of knowledge on nutrition and also physiotherapy / stretching / mobility exercises.

He is always motivating and his sunny persona makes those tough sessions that little bit more bearable!

Having seen various PTs over the years I’d thoroughly recommend Will.



Initial consultation on goals
Post consultation to go over packs & program


Full assessment
Bespoke nutrition pack
Periodised nutrition plan
Dynamic interactive members area


Full assessment
Periodised training plan – Endurance + Strength & Conditioning
Tracking log


Goal setting plan
Body composition assessment
Body composition tracking


24/7 Email support
Weekly updates
Weekly Skype/ phone calls


Supplement guidance
Supplement plan


Unique online members area and tracking format
Education webinars
Exclusive discounts


Lactate Threshold*
DEXA Body composition*
Resting Metabolic Rate*
Fat Max*
*extra cost*


Joining us for the online package is a great way for you to get the most out of everything you’re doing.

We will work together to improve and optimise your nutrition and training, with weekly skype or face to face chats I will help you understand the foundations of nutrition and your training so you can have the tools necessary to be able to achieve your goals, improve body composition and performance

Here’s what you get

  •  In-depth welcome chat talking all about you! Your goals, aspirations, issues, problems and how we can help you with those
  • Bespoke and tailor made nutrition pack – including meal plan, detailed food guides, supplementation protocols (if needed)
  • Your own training program – created for you and your goals that’s made to fit your lifestyle and the equipment you have available to you
  • Weekly catch ups to keep you on track and accountable for your goal that we’re working towards
  • We will talk about nutrition and the basics of it each week so you are also learning the tools and knowledge to be able to better yourself and to fully understand nutrition
  • Progressive adaptions to your nutrition and training plans as you progress and improve, making what we do very adaptable. Holidays, new issues, competition nearing, or just reaching that next level!

Add on;

Lab testing resting metabolic rate, vo2 max, dexa body composition and more.


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