March (Seasonal Food)

What it’s coming into Spring already!! Ahhh the excitement is too much!! I’m sure you’re all venturing out more and more now enjoying what is this awesome season! I really love Spring it’s the season of whats to come, everything is coming a new with it getting warmer and the blossoms coming!

“March month of “many weathers” wildy comes in hail, snow, rain and threatening hums”

The days are getting longer, with the equinox on 20-21 March. But winter is near the end and much of the winter stores are used and you’re surely fed up now of winter veg but there is so much goodness this month though; garlic and sorrel for the adventurous, scallops and wild salmon for the moneyed and purple sprouting broccoli for everyone!

So here’s whats tasting best this month!


  • Broccoli, purple
  • Garlic
  • Nettles
  • Spring Onions
  • Sea Kale

Fish & Seafood

  • Elvers
  • Scallops

BOOM!! Short but sweet!! Here’s some epic knowledge for you guys too Nettles! These are awesome free bits of veg you can grab from your garden, park well anywhere really I mean they are a weed! Firstly eat them young! Ha sounds like what a giant would say about eating a “Hoo-mie”. Yes you see if you eat nettles after June some chemical changes take place making them coarse, bitter and a very good laxative! So search some out and get ready for a recipe I will be making for you guys!

Be sure to add the above veg to your shopping list to really get the best flavour out of this month and to also save a bit of that change in your pocket!! 😉

Get PRIMAL, Be Happy!

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