Avocado Egg!!

Like LIGHTNING I was struck with genius!!! To create a self containing, quick, easy, nutritious and delicious breakfast, snack or if you're being like many of my clients and doing your own "Come Dine with Me" a nice swanky starter that's incredibly hard to go wrong!

But what exactly am I talking about! Well you might have guessed there is an egg involved but the real star of the show here is what were cooking it in!! Yep, it's an AVOCADO! A new, interestin and truley unique way of enjoying an avocado, but I tell you what! IT WORKS! Never will you have to worry about what to have for a healthy snack with this, and with a famous saying of mine "Got an egg, you've got a meal!" BOOM!!

Let's give you some awesome info too! The Avocado: Is rich source of vitamin E and C which are both anti-oxidants, Potassium which helps control that blood presssure, vit B6 for a healthy nervous system and finally Lutein which helps prevent cataracts and macular degeneration! BOOM!

Then you've got the egg too! They have the richest mix of your essential amino acids, high levels of vit A and D, the mood improving vit B12 and the sleep-improving selenium! BOOM again!! Some awesome knowledge bombs!

Now let's get makin' & bakin'!



  • 1 Avocado
  • 2 eggs
  • Parmesan Cheese
  • Balsamic or Worcester Sauce

That’s it!! Set the oven to 220 degrees fan assisted first!

SLICE your avocado into two halves,

SCOOP out a thin layer of the flesh (just enough to fit your egg in)

BOSH in your Parmesan cheese and balsamic at the bottom (Worcester sauce works really well too, I did one half with each!)


CRACK your egg into the crater, nice and gently now don’t want to explode all over your counter now! Though that would cheer up anyone else in the kitchen with you though HA!


BAKE it in the oven for15-20mins, in this time you could be prepping other food, tidying up getting your kids breakfast ready anything!


DONE!! Mmmm look at that!! A thing of beauty, and smelling just gorgeous! I dig my spoon in through that crispy outer layer and take a bite OH oh my, the cooked avocado has taken on a smoother, creamier texture that has a satisfying eggy flavour, which is then followed by the melted Parmesan and balsamic that gives a warming and very yummy kick, that just leaves you wanting MORE!!!

It’s quick, it’s easy, it’s nutritious and delicious! Get stuck in!

Get PRIMAL, Be Happy!