Chorizo Scotch Eggs

Amazing!!! I've never had such a FOODGASM before! I love scotch eggs but a warm fresh scotch egg imbued with the epicness and awesomeness of chorizo is just amazing! Its decadence & disorder!

One of those picnic favourites you really can't go wrong with a scotch egg! BUT we've done a bit differently, we’ve mashed your hardboiled eggs with some mayo and paprika given a sot flavoursome centre! Too often you have a scotch egg and I feel it’s a tad bland and not as good as you hoped. These babies are awesome! Believe the hype! Haha.



  • 6 Pork and Chorizo sausages (Not actual chorizo)
  • 3 Eggs
  • ½ tsp Paprika
  • Mayo
  • Breadcrumbs

SET oven to 180C Fan assisted

HARD boil your eggs

SKIN your sausages leaving just the meat

SHAPE into flatish circles, around 1inch thick


MASH now boiled eggs with mayo and paprika

FILL each sausage circle with egg mixture and close up by pressing together


COAT in breadcrumbs

BAKE for about 20mins or till cooked



KOOOOOOOOOOOWIEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! Damn these are seriously good! My mouth is watering just writing this! Crisp & crunch goes the outside of the breadcrumbs, followed by a deep, aromatic, spicy, juicy sausage meat that’s all topped off with a smooth, creamy centre!

From Will, The guy who has trouble sharing his food right now

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