Cinnamon Banana & Almond Butter filled Pancakes

SHROVE TUESDAY!! It's here!!!! That day of awesome epic pancakey goodness!! The world is suddenly overflowing with those notalgic flavours that make you feel like a kid again! Big grins on your face as you stuff it full of that buttery, fluffy awesomeness!!

I decided that to make great pancakes, especially ones on "pancake day" it's important to cook REAL, TRADITIONAL pancakes. It is in my opinion that there is nothing simpler and easier to cook these!

"Full of wholesome ingredients, and as long as you're not on a special diet I feel there is no need to make coconut flour, whey, sweet potato versions as they will all have carbs in at the end of the day."

So I've chosen to make a super epic and delicious filling that could possibly be the greatest EVER! As the title suggests it's a "Cinnamon, Banana & Almond butter" sauce. I filled my pancakes and rolled them up, having them just ooze YUM...



  • 125g Gluten free Flour or normal plain flour
  • 1 Egg
  • 250ml milk or almond milk for lacto free
  • Syrup;
  • 2 Bananas
  • 1tsp cinnamon
  • 40g almond butter
  • Spalsh or milk or yogurt
  • Myprotein Flav drops – I used peanutbutter but toffee or vanilla would go well or just stevia*interesting fact – I used a really black and ripe banana as at this stage not only is it sweeter but it’s also begun to ferment meaning it has a slight alcoholic/liquor taste to it, which I think gives it a bit more OOMPH*

SIVE your flour into a bowl and make a hold in the middle for your egg

CRACK your egg into the whole and pour 1/4 of your milk in

WHISK like you have the arms of He-Man

ADD 1/4 more milk, continue whisking till LUMP FREE

SPLOSH and mix remaining milk in

BLEND all syrup ingredients together, add milk or yogurt to form desired consistency


PAN fry mixture till golden both sides

WARM sauce slightly, this is optional though I liked mine warm and scrummy!

FILL or TOP with syrup


The soft and slightly crisp edges of the pancake are cut through exposing a soft piece of heaven and the mouthwateringly tasty syrup leaving you sitting back in your chair like homer simpson drooling at how amazing it is!!

I know you will enjoy this one guys! Quick and easy!!

From Will, the guy who looked around to see if anyone saw his awesome pancake toss…..the house was empty

Get PRIMAL, Be Happy!