Fried Parsley Plaice

BOOOOOOOM! Meal in 5mins! No need to beat around the bush with this one its quick, fresh and packed full of flavour!

It's important to a have a few recipes in your repertoire that are so fast to quick you make hyperdrive look slow! And this one smashes it!!




  • Plaice Fillet
  • Chopped Parsley
  • Butter (or oil for frying)
  • Salt & Pepper

HEAT a pan with your butter or oil in

SALT butter slightly

PLACE your plaice in the pan

SALT & PEPPER the top

FRY 2-3mins

CHOP parsley & ADD

FLIP plaice over

COOK till top is slightly golden


DONE honestly so quick! Serve up with some fresh new potatoes or crisp salad and DEVOUR! Plaice is really mild in fish flavour allowing the fresh, cool, woodland notes of parsley to blend perfectly with the salt and pepper seasoning to bring a delicate yet bright meal!

From Will, the guy who Master Roshi from DBZ is the best!

Today’s sound track – Yellowcard – Ocean Avenue