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Our services are delivered by experts with a rare combination of academic qualifications in sport and exercise science, coaching and experience working at the highest level in sport.

We design your nutrition to match your training program to ensure you’re performing and recovering the best you can while staying healthy and achieving optimal body composition.

With continual online support and guidance on our unique members area, we can ensure you get the most out of your training and food so you can feel at ease knowing you’re in safe hands and just enjoy the ride.

For bespoke, detailed 1-2-1 coaching that takes the guess work out of your nutrition.

We go through a step by step process guiding you to that end goal – a method we’ve used to success from the everyday individual to reaching the podium on the world level. utilising the latest techniques and online bespoke digital platforms.


Step 1.

Guidance + Goal Setting

Step 2.

Setup + Weekly Coaching

Step 3.

Body Comp Optimisation

Step 4.

Performance Nutrition


If you’re an athlete or an individual that wants to truly understand more about your body composition and performance so you hit the ground running then contact us about the different testing we do


The maximum or optimum rate at which the heart, lungs, and muscles can effectively use oxygen during exercise, used as a way of measuring a person’s individual aerobic capacity.

Lactate Threshold

Lactate threshold is defined as the intensity of exercise at which lactate begins to accumulate in the blood at a faster rate than it can be removed. This is problematic because as a result, unbuffered acid is added to the blood, a condition that makes you feel like you have to vomit and stop right away.

DEXA Body composition

DEXA is the fastest way to get a highly accurate baseline today and then track changes in fat and muscle over time. Dual-energy X-ray is a medical-grade technology that sees even visceral fat and is vastly superior to skin calipers and bio-impedance gadgets.

Resting Metabolic Rate

Resting metabolic rate (also called RMR) is the rate at which your body burns energy when it is at complete rest. You can calculate your resting metabolic rate to see how many calories your body needs to perform basic functions like breathing and circulation. Your RMR or resting metabolic rate is part of your total daily energy expenditure (TDEE) or the total number of calories you burn each day.

Fat Max

The FatMax test lasts about 20-45 min, depending mostly on how trained the athlete is. The test starts at a low intensity (equivalent to walking) and every 3 min the intensity is increased (power on a bike or speed on a treadmill).  During the test, expired gases are collected and/or measured from the athlete. This is used to calculate fat burning as well as carbohydrate burning.

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