Superfood – Milk

Often, we find ourselves out and out or finishing a hard ride and reaching for that protein bar, protein shake, protein ball item and if you are out It’s probably costing you a few pennies too! But milk is something that can be easily overlooked but is actually the ideal complete food source for you post training


Why? Milk contains all 9 of the essential amino acids you need to stimulate something called “Muscle Protein Synthesis” which is what we need to start recovery, repairing of cells, muscles and the growth of new lean tissue. It also comes with carbohydrate to replenish depleted glycogen stores meaning you’re getting pretty much what you’re paying for with those shakes and bars just cheaper.


What else is being said? Recent studies show an amazing array of benefits;

  • Improved session recover – has been shown to help reduce 1 and 2-day post muscle soreness
  • Rehydrates you better than water – due to the way it’s digested and the natural properties milk when compared to water hydrates you more.


Go Chocolate – Choosing a flavoured milk option with added sugar will further speed up recovery. High glycaemic index foods like chocolate milk have rapid ability to help increase blood glucose which in the post workout period is ideal for promoting recovery.


How much should we be consuming/how often?

  • Have between 250ml-500ml or enough protein 0.3g/kg/bodyweight to stimulate muscle protein synthesis
  • Remember the context of your current goal – 500ml may sound so much better but if it takes you over your daily needs then it might not be ideal


Which milk? All studies have been performed on skimmed or 1% milk as fat can slow down digestion and will also increase the calories quite significantly.


Chocolate Banana Shake


  • 300ml 1% chocolate milk
  • 20g Whey
  • 1 large frozen banana

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