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I thought not only giving you an insight into the food I create which is found HERE but to also give you more of a peek into what I do training wise and why I do it.

I find a lot that people go into the gym go with no basis of plan towards what they’re wanting and have just a generalised goal like;

“I want to lose weight” which is like saying “I want a car, a car that goes from A to B” but has no thought at all towards how long it takes to get there, how quickly it will achieve and what the journey will be like.

It’s important to train smart & train hard having one without the other will yield sub par results if any results at all.

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My program here is focussed on work capacity what that means exactly is; “Work capacity” is a program to condition your body to handle a higher volume of work at a higher intensity level that you will experience in your strength phase of training

“Doing this before a strength program is ideal especially as it will reduce risk of injury”

Within the program I’ve incorporated more bench as mine is relatively weak compared to my overhead and getting it stronger will imrpove the other, increased my training on my lower and upper back as getting a lift or not can be greatly determined by it and finally I wanted to do a lot more hamstring and glute work as my last program was very squat focussed so I wanted to bring proportional size and strength back.

How to Follow;

  • Down the left side you see the order in which you perform the exercises “A1” would be followed by a “A2” or “B1”.
  • If it’s “A2” it would mean they’re supersetted and you can go the left side and see that A1 is performed and with no rest A2 is done, only then do you rest for the specified time.
  • “Cycle” one cycle of the program is 3 weeks.
  • After 3 weeks all the main lifts %’s are increased by 5% so week 1’s squat would go from 85% & 70% to 90% & 75%
  • Warm Up – This is my one I use and it caries depending on the session make sure to focus on your weaknesses and niggles
  • Notes provide focus points
  • Sets, Reps and Rest are outlined as usual

Here’s the free download to my program;

 Work Capacity Block FREE Download

Little video of me doing my supersetted deadlift from this week


This program would ideally be done for 9 weeks meaning you would get 3 cycles of it before moving on to a new program, I also included conditioning on my rest days to keep speed, agility and fitness but that’s another blog post, if you would like to see what I do for conditioning why not like share and comment and I will show you.

From Will, the guy who trains to beat himself

Get PRIMAL, Be Happy!


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