Understanding Nutrition

It’s hard to find someone more knowledgeable about sports nutrition than Will Girling – he has been a nutritionist at all levels of the professional cycling world, from Continental to pro-Continental, up to World Tour level, and he’s been the nutritionist at EF Education-Easy Post for the past several years, where we first crossed paths. He also holds a Master of Sports Nutrition and is currently working towards a Doctorate – in short, he knows his stuff.

So while he knows top-level nutrition as well as anyone out there, what I mostly wanted to talk to Will about was how amateur and weekend warrior cyclists should approach their nutrition, to prepare for racing and maintain optimal nutrition in general, and how they should approach recovery nutrition – since they need to get themselves back to work on Monday morning following an event, rather than having time at home to recover like the pros. Will has some fascinating insights and learnings that he applies from the pro level back to the everyday cyclist (and athlete), as well as heaps of personal experience of his own preparing for and doing the ultra-distance bike-packing expeditions around Europe that he loves.

Turns out there’s a bit more to it than just carb-loading the day before the event, so sit back and enjoy the listen and I hope you get a few tips for your next race!

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